Rita Ora loses 300K+ followers after lockdown rule breaks.

Many media outlets are reporting that Rita Ora has lost over 300K followers over all social media platforms. This is prior to her various lockdown rule breaks leaving fans fuming at her behaviour. 

The 30-year-old singer has faced backlash in recent months because she repeatedly broke lockdown rules. The final straw was the newest reports this week where police confirmed her team had offered that one London restaurant £5,000 to break lockdown rules for her 30th birthday. 

Then to pour more salt into the wound, it was also claimed CCTV cameras were turned off, which was probably part of that £5,000 package. Rita's life is not going to change just because a quarter of a million people stopped following her. 

90% of followers aren’t even active on Twitter and Instagram, and some celebs buy their followers just to make it look like they are more popular than they really are. The amount of likes they receive on a post always tell the real story. 

So those that did unfollow are the 10% that are active. Not really a big deal, although she reportedly lost some endorsements. Maybe if she got sacked from The Masked Singer this would probably hurt her pockets more because she reportedly gets paid £1 million a year to do the show, which is more than many will see in their lifetimes.