Dear #Verzuz, just CANCEL your platform altogether #Ashanti #KeyshiaCole

Today would have been the day we would all be anticipating tonight's Verzuz battle between R&B vets Ashanti and Keyshia Cole
But yesterday morning, and just a day before, Verzuz cancelled it again. This was prior to delaying it over Ashanti testing positive for Covid-19. No new date was announced and the hype now seems to have died. 

Ashanti posted a week ago that she is now Covid-free. Okay, cool. Let's stock up on some pizza and sodas for the weekend. 
Fans grew suspicious as the weekend approached, simply because there was not ONE mention of the battle. An entire week had passed, and no mentions from Verzuz, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Ashanti or Keyshia's social media handles. Zilch. Nada. Absolute crickets. 

What was Verzuz excuse for cancelling a second time? The surge in Covid-19 infections and with the shows now requiring a large crew being in the same room as the artists, safety was now a major concern. 
Okay. But let's just remember, the original CONCEPT of Verzuz was to be socially distant in the first place! It was the answer to the pandemic so that artists could do it in the comfort and SAFETY of their own homes. Even with their sh*tty internet connections! 

So for the pandemic to be cited as the reason why their Verzuz couldn't go ahead is absolute BS. Verzuz had THREE WEEKS to plan this event. Even if it meant doing it in their own homes. Unfortunately, they wanted to do it big bucks style and wasn't counting on infections rising significantly. The true essence of the virtual battle was lost the moment it became a monetize platform with Apple Music.


Lauryn said...

Spot on Toya. They lost sight of their initial goal and set up. It was more fun when it begane.

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