Jennifer Lopez heading into DC like... #swag #inauguration

Not everyone dresses so fashionable for a plane ride to Washington DC!!!!

Clearly Jennifer Lopez wanted to make a statement with all that matchy matchy herringbone fashion. That's while preparing for her performance at tomorrow night's Biden-Harris inauguration. 

The sunglasses-sporting, bag-toting diva looked like she was posing on the catwalk in an image which will more than likely go viral. 

Despite making Donald Trump's sh*tlist, Lopez had her head held high while showing off that remarkable Jenny-From-the-Block swag. Her entire ensemble costing more than your yearly rent. After a week of bikini-strutting in Turks And Caicos, this woman is ready for business. Lastly, if she sings 'Dream On' again, it's pretty safe to say many of us will actually be calling for Joe Biden's impeachment. 


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nil said...

Hahhahah if she sings dream on...i will die hahahha

Toya said...

I'm serious though. She had better NOT.

Anonymous said...

Mya is a better vocalist & dancer.... I don't understand how Jennifer Lopez is in the music industry... She's the worst professional singer I've ever heard.

barbie said...

she cant sing , her dancing skills are out dated.

Lauryn said...

She knows how to strike a pose and pull of a look. She works hard as hell, but I hope she performs, instead of sings.

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