Keri Hilson goes on a blog hopping spree to defend herself #Censorship #Trump

So I see someone has time on their hands today. 

Keri Hilson is sick and tired of getting dragged. Apparently, she's embarked on a social media blog tour to defend her comments in regards to Donald Trump's Twitter ban and censorship. 

Keri was heavily criticised as it seemed like she was defending Trump by not agreeing with his permanent suspension. 
She visited the Instagram pages of popular blogs Shaderoom and Jasmine Brand to clarify her remarks noting that her comments weren’t about Trump, but a broader discussion about censorship. 

She claims influential friends of hers have encountered similar censorship, but why did it take a Trump ban to speak out in support of her friends? And what social media blog is she going to visit next to copy and paste her defense? Mediatakeout? The point at hand is that there are terms and conditions when you sign up for things, and when those terms and conditions are violated, you're going to get banned. Why is this not sinking in yet?