Keyshia Cole apologizes after #Verzuz screw-up + "contracting Covid-19."

Two days of backlash has prompted Keyshia Cole to apologise for how things went down during her much talked about Verzuz battle with Ashanti. Swizz and Timbaland were on IG live shortly after complaining about the unprofessionalism and them being disengaged during each other’s rounds. 

Management clearly told her to apologise because the backlash wasn't going away, and her antics were seen by more than 8.1 million people. Keyshia has always had a nasty attitude, but now millions of people saw it for themselves. 

She fumbled her own bag. Now many people won't be rushing to work with her or give her any more lucrative opportunities after this week's events. She came on with an attitude, did not present herself in the best light, and couldn't keep her ass in that chair. It would seem all that drinking had a profound effect. 

Now suddenly, she claims to have tested positive for Covid-19 on January 13th. The very day Verzuz announced the new and final date. 

Her maskless self was around a team of people in a studio eight days after a positive Covid test, singing loudly (and horribly) while dispersing spit particles. Yet she didn't do the two-week quarantine? Girl bye. No one believes you. You need more people. Sounds like she's using this so-called diagnosis to excuse her attitude. Props to Ashanti for being classy and sounding good.