Twenty years of 'J.Lo': The Bumps, The Rides & The Toe-Stepping.

Right before her split from Sean 'P.Diddy' Combs (Puff Daddy at the time), Jennifer Lopez released her sophomore album 'J.Lo.' It was a big deal back then. The success of her first album 'On The 6' was a moment, and expectations were extremely high for the second. 

The success of her debut came at the back of her critically acclaimed 'Selena' performance. The question then was whether people would still be interested in another album, especially from a woman who relied heavily on her looks, but couldn't really sing. 

The answer to that was yes. Any signs
of a sophomore slump were well and truly mute. Her lack of vocal talent was compressed by hot beats given to her by all the big time producers. 

All were scrambling to contribute to one of the most anticipated albums of the year! I will say, Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins and Corey Rooney definitely did their thing on this record. Lead single 'Love Don't Cost a Thing' had sent ripples everywhere because she was already getting close to (future husband) Cris Judd who choreographed and appeared in the music video. 

So once again, her love life was making headlines already a year after she and Diddy were caught up in that nightclub shooting. W
e would eventually find out that a particular single from the album called 'I'm Real' would ruffle Mariah Carey's feathers

This is the very number one charting song that would  feature a would-be singer's vocals. Ashanti, barely in her 20s, was trying to make bread for herself doing her best to carve out a career as a songwriter and artist. Sacrifices HAD to be made if she wanted to take the next hurdle. 

Murder Inc's Irv Gotti allegedly forced her to give up 'Aint It Funny,' so that J.Lo could have it, with Ashanti's vocals still left on the track. Ashanti went on to say she was "so mad" at not being able to keep the record for herself

Christina Milian revealed she originally wrote 'Play' for herself before her music career launched at 18. Her vocals can still be heard on the chorus. These were vocals of two teenagers that a 32-year-old Lopez would lipsync to in performances and accompanying music videos.

Of course all of these little misdemeanours weren't brought to light until later on down the line when the album had already achieved what it set out to do. That is, topping the US Billboard 200 the same week as her film 'The Wedding Planner.' 

This had opened at number one at the domestic box office, making J.Lo the first entertainer to have a number one album and film simultaneously. The album was successful having sold over 8 million records worldwide, and now celebrates a happy 20th anniversary.

Check out J.Lo's reflective post below:
J.Lo recreates the 'Love Don't Cost A Thing' music video to celebrate 'JLo's 20th anniversary:


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