What would become of Ashanti's career had she signed to Bad Boy?

During her recent Verzuz battle, Ashanti rehashed a story about how she almost signed to Diddy's Bad Boy label. In an industry so fickle, Ashanti would NOT have lasted in the game if she had signed to Bad Boy at 13. It would have been a 2 record deal and a box of Newports. She definitely dodged a bullet! 

Even if she had some moderate success, she'd be broke, miserable and struggling to pay the bus fare just to show up. Irv Gotti may have done her dirty in more recent times. But as a youngster, he really put her ON and ensured she had the biggest come-up ever. Diddy's problem is that he didn't know how to market, mould or promote his artists, whereas Irv saw Ashanti as his little lab project. His fighting spirit was to succeed simply because she was his first and only R&B experiment. It paid off in the end, not just for him, but for her too. Happy days.


Anonymous said...

I like Ashanti, However she hasn't had a hit since 2004... Her first album was on repeat though.

BoiNice said...

I always thought her career would've been more successful had murder inc hired other songwriters,producers,& vocal producers to help advanced her sound cuz everything she release after her 1st album sound like it could been on her 1st album

Toya said...

That's true though. Someone said the exact same thing in the post about her new song. Oh well. I enjoy her songs. It's a rarity for me not to enjoy her albums.