Whitney Houston commemorated by Donald Trump.

In his last act of Presidency, Donald Trump signs a new executive order with a long list of names for his "National Garden of American Heroes." Whitney Houston is one of them. 

Seems off brand for Trump. Who'd have thought he was a massive Whitney fan? They hung out once during her prime, but he's never spoken about her music before. 

Unlike the Obama's he's never openly revealed any playlists featuring the songs and artists he enjoys listening to in his spare time. Yet he wants a statue of Whitney in his garden. 

Actually if you look at the list closely, it is just very random. It's like he picked the names out of a hat that morning following his usual routine of applying makeup, colouring his hair yellow, and getting his comb-over glued in place to cover his baldness. You just know his follicles worsened after he was permanently banned from his favourite social media platform. He probably played 'It's Not Right But It's OK' while feeling sorry for himself. Banned and impeached. What a week it's been.