Beyoncé sparks debate (again) after The Weeknd's Super Bowl performance.

Beyoncé started trending  following The Weeknd's headlining performance at the Super Bowl. The crooner spent $7 million of his own money towards the performance but the show didn't reflect the costs. He served live vocals but doesn't dance so no one was expecting him to bust out like Bruno Mars. Still, he could have invested in a more elaborate stage production. Bring 
Bey back! 

Abel Tesfaye performs his biggest hits,'Starboy,' 'The Hills,' 'Can’t Feel My Face, 'I Feel It Coming,' 'Save Your Tears' and  'Earned It':


Lauryn said...

I didn't expect anything from The Weeknd. He did what he does. I blame Roc nation, they decide who performs, right?

Maybe if they would reach out to actual performers the half time would be interesting again. Prince, MJ and Beyoncé set the bar so high that it's hard to satisfy the audience. There's enough talent out there, give them a chance instead of playing 'safe' and going for the biggest popstar of the moment.

Toya said...

I understand what you're saying but the Super Bowl halftime show is meant to be about the spectacle and entertainment. And he didn't deliver. He needed guest performers to shake things up a bit. The backing dancers just about saved it. Not saying every artist has to deliver full blown choreography, because even Katy Perry's performance was fun and had some entertainment value. As you say, many of us weren't expecting much due to him being the type of performer that he is. But since he invested $7 million of his own money into this, I guess I was expecting something a bit more grand.

Lauryn said...

I have no clue wereld that 7 million went...
They should call one of these artists next year:

They WILL deliver:)

Remmy said...

They need to bring back greats like Diana Ross, Eric Clapton, Simply Red, Sade etc. Everything these days is to appeal to the young, pop-loving generation. I think the last time I watched this show was when Beyoncé and DC3 performed.

Donpapillon said...

He has a great catalogue, but he is not a performer.