Jazmine Sullivan powers her way through National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

Grammy-nominated singers Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church joined forces for a genre-blending rendition of 'The Star-Spangled Banner.' Jazmine brought the soul to the national anthem, while Mr Church delivered the country aspect. It was... different. Jazmine  certainly SANG for her supper, but I think the performance would have been better if she sang it by herself. 


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tmcarson82@gmail.com said...

I def agree. I think she killed it. I actually didn’t mind her and church singing. It was different, but in a good way. I see they are trying to show a re-United America with the blending of genres and some of the ads.

Toya said...


nil said...

Yeah I like the reunited effort. But it felt like she was adapting her singing too much to him. if she was by herself she would eat it up! But still great, got some goosebumps

Donpapillon said...

It didn’t seem as much like a duet as it should have. Jazmine vocally danced around him and he didn’t really know how to play with her vocally. It was not the best mesh of vocalists.

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