Britney Spears' mom denies using the N-word...

Britney's mom Lynne Spears denies calling Columbus Short the N-word back in 2003, prior to their alleged fling. In his 2020 autobiography “Short Stories,” the 'Scandal' actor says he overheard her parents ask her on the phone, “Why are you f*cking that n****r?” All she could do was look at him apologetically. Britney's mom denies it to Page Six. Well, she defends herself but not the father, so the father was the one that said it. Why does this not surprise me?  

When alleged incident took place, Short served as her back-up dancer and choreographer. One of several dancers/choreographers she would be involved with romantically (Wade Robson, Kevin Federline.)
Short also appears with her in the 'Me Against The Music' video. 
He puts in an appearance at mark 0:50 beside Britney on the left...


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Remmi said...

I believe she said it.

The B List said...

Uhm, I think she used it with no Fs given.
Army they from Trump nation?

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