Keri Hilson says music isn't her calling right now... Acting is.

Keri Hilson says that when the time is right for her to return to music, we will hear it. She admits that music is still very much a part of her heart, but right now, she's just enjoying being used in a different art form (acting). Sounds like code for "I'm done with music for now but who knows what the future holds?" And stop giving Beyoncé fans so much power.

They're not the reason why she was forced into early retirement. 

Keri's admission comes after doing several promo interviews for TV One’s original film, 'Don’t Waste Your Pretty' which premieres Sunday, Feb. 28th at 8 PM/7c.


Anonymous said...

I like miss Keri baby!!! She actually has a unique voice.... Her first album was full of bops.

The B List said...

I can see her on a Housewives show.