Mariah Carey’s sister Alison suing her for emotional distress.

Who didn't see this coming? Mariah Carey's estranged sister is suing her for at least $1.25 million. She claims she suffered emotional distress from allegations about her in the singer's New York Times-bestselling memoir 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey.' 

That's interesting she's attempting to sue her sister when she has been running her mouth to the tabloids for many years now. Oh no, how dare she proceed to tell her side of the story after all my trash talking. Let's take her ass to court! 

Who's to say Alison isn't attempting this money grab to further fuel her drug addiction? She should be trying to get the help she so desperately needs to better herself and her life. As for what caused her sister's faux-rage, 
Mariah alleges in the book that Alison “gave her Valium, tried to pimp her out, and threw a cup of boiling hot tea on her causing third-degree burns” when she was 12. Notice how she didn't imply Mariah was lying about these allegations. 

She just said Mariah talking about it caused "emotional distress" and Mariah didn't include "evidence." Can Alison prove it didn’t-happen? This lawsuit will probably just get thrown out. It will silently go away as in a likely agreed financial settlement. Money has always been her sister's motive anyway. SMH.