Rihanna accused of doing paid tweets.

As seen in the photo, Rihanna was spotted at the US Embassy in Barbados last Friday. The singer is an appointed ambassador in Barbados, and has always been into politics. It serves as no surprise that she likes to use her platform to speak up. 

A lot of celebs don't really use social media unless they have something to promote, but Rihanna has never really been that kind of celebrity. Of course if she does speak up about foreign affairs, there has to be some sort of financial gain behind it, according to some. 

I've seen Rihanna express her political views in interviews many a plenty and she's genuinely passionate about the politics affecting other countries. Who'd have thought a tweet of hers (that started trending) would cause so much upset? In that tweet, she asks why the largest ongoing protest in human history is not receiving coverage. Then gets accused of being paid to tweet about it. 

I know we're in a pandemic causing some low tier celebs to sign on to OnlyFans for income. But Rihanna has a net worth of $600 million and yet folks are asking her how much she has been paid to tweet about the farmer's protest. Make it make sense.