Tamar Braxton slams black stereotypes portrayed by reality TV.

Biting the hand that feeds will probably just come back to bite Tamar Braxton in the butt at some point. The 'Braxton Family Values' star has been vocal about feeling exploited by WEtv. She believes black people are poorly represented and that they need to "stop participating" in problematic reality television. She's not saying anything wrong, but she too was part of the problem. Secondly, let's not forget her reality show created publicity for her albums and in turn generated decent sales for her over the years. Without the publicity of the show, her music career would have been an after thought. 

As talented as she is, her vocal prowess alone would simply not have been enough. Toni Braxton has always been seen as the real star of that family. She has established a legendary career all on her own without the publicity of a reality show, and that's simply because Toni had IT. The full package.


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Anonymous said...

Tamar is a gifted vocalist however she's too dramatic & over the top but she can SANG, She covered Rihanna diamonds a few years back & I had to keep replaying it... She's up there with the greats...

Lauryn said...

I love Tamar as a singer. I even still listen to her debut which was nice. But her personality is so bad. I think that's why she never really made it. I can imagine she's difficult to work with.

I am glad to see her healing and reconizing her faults. It's never too late to learn. I hope upcoming wanna be realty stars take notes.

Remmi said...

WeTV and other reality TV franchises can only portray the family in the way that they behave. The only one that comes across negatively on that show is her. She's pushing on 50 with a child of her own yet doesn't know how to take responsibility for any of her actions. She's been in the wrong so many times yet I don't ever think I've seen her apologise to anybody.

I think if Tamar had Toni's attitude/likability, she'd be just as successful. Lord knows age can sing. But she's immature and petty and is even quite happy to publicly shade her own sister's vocal abilities (Trina, Traci) on the show. WeTV doesn't make her so that.

I do agree that black people aren't always portrayed greatly on the shows, but to an extent I think that's reality TV in general. There are positive examples, too. I love Married to Medicine as a show of black, successful women who are charismatic and watchable without all the physical drama and antics.

Toya said...

I agree with everything you said đŸ‘đŸœ

Donpapillon said...

I am so sick of people dodging accountability by blaming the show for how they behaved. Tamar, Nene, and Mariah are the same person. Latching themselves onto the increasingly visible plight of Black people for their own personal advantage is a new low for these ladies. It is a trend in reality tv that truly disheartens me.

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