Throwback Beef: Rihanna & TLC.

Happy Birthday goes out to TLC's Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas who turns a milestone 50 today. Let's have some fun and go back to 2014 where TLC had that hilarious spat with Rihanna. It all started when TLC did an interview with Australia's Channel 7's 'Sunrise.'

It was implied they were criticising Rihanna and other pop stars for their choice in clothing — or lack thereof. Rihanna responded by changing her Twitter header photo of TLC posing topless.

Followed by these tweets:
Aware of Rihanna's reaction, T-Boz implied their views were a general statement and not specifically targeting Rihanna:
Verdict: The early 90s music scene was much different than it was in 2014. Artists never had to sell sex. People were coming out in droves to support the artist. Their music sold based on their talent and quality. Records sold regardless. TLC are legendary. They sold millions and zillions of records. They became the biggest selling girl group of all time. It's not really fair to say "we were successful with our clothes on," when the music scene in those days was nowhere near as fickle as it is today or when Rihanna first debuted in the mid noughties. Young black women shouldn't be shamed for embracing their sexuality (Chloe Bailey, etc). A 26-year-old Janet Jackson certainly made a statement with her RollingStone cover in 1993.


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Anonymous said...

I wonder why they never attempted to put out solo records like destiny's child....

Toya said...

They did. It just didn't materialise.

The B List said...

Remember when Left Eye challenged the girls to put out their own records around the FanMail album?
I know she put out some Nickelodeon vibe music that did not catch on. I would have really like to hear and see Chilli venture off into solo stardom.

I’m sure she would have reached heights like BeyoncĂ©. I can also see her going through Janet/Ciara vibe. Guess we will never know.

The B List said...

Toya, I would love to design a new logo for you if you are down for that.

Any colours your prefer?

Toya said...

Pink, purple and black would really make the site pop đŸ’–đŸ’œđŸ–€

Remmi said...

Lwfteye released a solo album, "Supernova" - it was really good but I think only got released in Europe. She sang on a few songs too which was nice to hear.

T-Boz had a few solo songs out here and there (Touch Myself, My Getaway, Get It Get It).

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