Beyoncé lost endorsements for pro-black Super Bowl performance, says her dad.

Beyoncé's father Mathew Knowles says his daughters are proud and unapologetically black, which was proven when Beyoncé supported Coldplay's halftime Super Bowl show with her 'Formation' performance in 2016. It caused quite the stir when she made a political statement by wearing black panther attire, provoking a negative response from those who saw it as an ‘attack’ on police. Knowles recalls how his daughter faced major backlash over the black power themed performance and how she paid the ultimate price. 

It resulted in Beyoncé losing endorsements and a lot of her white fanbase. This serves as no surprise as white folks were definitely angry about her performance. However, Mathew doesn't spill tea unless he has his own hidden agenda for it. In this case, he's promoting his new podcast, go figure.


Donpapillon said...

The more we see of this man, the more I feel for all the Knowles women and what they may have had to endure. On a positive note, we can’t deny his role in getting them where they are, but I wonder at what costs sometimes.