Solange reveals she was "fighting for her life" two years ago...

Earlier this week, Solange reveals she was fighting for her life, going in and out of hospitals with depleting health when she was creating her 'When I Get Home' album. On the album's two-year anniversary, she states that God told her she would not only survive, but would step into the light (and thrive). I recall how she had to cancel gigs in 2017 after her incurable Autonomic Nerve Disorder had flared up. Here's to wishing her well on her continued journey! Check out Solange’s emotional  Instagram post below.

Solange’s fourth studio album, 'When I Get Home' is now available on all platforms!


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Remmi said...

She's amazing. Dare I say it, but I like her more as a person than I do her sister.

Toya said...

A lot of people feel the same way. But she's not the bigger star and nowhere near as famous as her sister so she can easily enjoy being the free spirit of the family.

Donpapillon said...

Someone is making a trend out of pitting sisters against each other in the comments section.

barbie said...

you can like one sister without putting the other sister down.

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