Britney Spears takes dad to court over missing $300K; fights for his removal...

This week, Britney Spears told her father Jamie Spears to "give me back my money!" She took her father to court over $300,000 that was spent without her knowledge and permission. The money was a massive financial demand from her management firm Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group.

They requested a bigger money contract, even if Britney wasn’t working!!!!
Her father at THAT time had absolutely agreed. 

This was during a time when he had complete control over Britney’s fortune. But must now share that conservatorship power with new party Bessemer Trust. The good thing about Bessemer Trust is that  they can now keep a firm eye over his unauthorized dealings. He fought hard against that, but failed. Britney’s complaint in court was that her father did not even try to negotiate, but simply agreed to the deal unchallenged. Britney understandably would be upset that she was never consulted about the deal and massive payout. 

After all, her hard earned fortune was being frittered away by daddy dearest.
In court, she had asked that the payment be “disallowed” and returned to her account. 

Her father is fighting her objection to the excessive payment and as usual he adamantly denies ever spending her money recklessly. The hearing on the case took place yesterday on Wednesday afternoon. As of writing, there is no decision on the $300,000 payout. In another bid to remove her father, her attorney plans to file a petition requesting to make the singer’s temporary conservator Jodi Montgomery 
permanent. She took over after her father temporarily stepped down from his role in 2019. The next court hearing is due in April.