Meghan Markle releases statement after a SPY hired by The Sun apologises...

The private investigator hired by The Sun to spy on Meghan Markle and her father, has now apologised to the Duchess. Dan ‘Danno’ Hanks from Los Angeles was complicit in unlawful activity. However, The Sun denies any involvement. 

Following the public apology, a spokesperson for the Sussexes has released this statement below.
Hanks used illegal methods, which he says, the newspaper must have known about. 

These included obtaining her social security numbers, her mobile number from a protected database, and hounding down her family members. Digging up dirt on the Duchess obsessively became the newspaper's mission. They had Hanks track down her ex-husband, and two of her rumoured ex-boyfriends. They couldn’t find any scandal, and began targeting distant relatives who were more than happy to smear her name to the press. I
n extended clips from her Oprah interview, Meghan said that once the British tabloids found out where her father lived, they moved in next door and across the street and inundated him "with gifts." 

And yet people want to call this long suffering woman a liar.
When will it end?