Britney Spears reportedly wants to tell her story with Oprah...

Entertainment Tonight reports Britney Spears is considering a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Their source says that despite her hatred for doing interviews, she wants to speak out because she doesn't feel others should tell her story. 

However, there are no current plans in the works for her to do an interview. 
Legally, she’s not allowed to do a tell-all interview anyway, and that’s why her handlers are always at her side. 

If she wants that type of power to speak out without being gagged, she needs to get out of that conservatorship first, and then, if she wants to do an interview with Oprah, she should. Of course I would watch, but it could be a long while yet before we get that long awaited tell-all. Until then, fans will just have to settle for her liberating, twirl-tastic dance videos  on Instagram.  


barbie said...

i feel so sorry for her, i hope one day (soon) she will get out of this.