Sunday, 28 March 2021

The sexiest alleged racist?

Prince William has been named as the ‘world’s sexiest bald man’, according to a new Google study. *blink* The results found that William had been called ‘sexy’ a staggering 17.6 million times. Someone at Buckingham Palace is either bored or working overtime to get Willy some positive light-hearted press. It hasn't been a good month for the senior royal, who has now been deemed the number one suspect for questioning Archie's skin tone.


barbie said...

sexy ?? are they blind .

nil said...

He needs to cut all that is left on his head off, do some whitening on his teeth and like sit in the sun for some hours. Maybe then he can like be on some kind of list haha

Toya said...

Doesn't matter what he does externally, because the vileness is still WITHIN.

nil said...

True that hahaha
But I have to say I cannot imagine it being him that made the racist comment.. i mean his mom would not accept this from him. But he and his wife should have definitely stepped up when the crying rumour was out. They really fucked up there. I think it was Charles who made the comment... i hope we will get the real story one day

Toya said...

It was either Charles or William. One of the future kings. That's why they won't reveal who said it. Meghan said it would be very damaging if that info was ever released. And the fact that he ruled out his grandparents and didn't have good things to say about his father and brother in the interview is very telling. If it was a member of staff at the palace, they would have said that, but no worker in their right mind would risk saying that and losing their job.

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