Saturday, 6 March 2021

Mathew Knowles disses Chloe Bailey but Halle says her sister is already an icon...

Mathew Knowles gave a jaw-dropping interview this week in which he said it's "insulting" that "idiots" think Chloe Bailey reminds them of his daughter, Beyoncé (talent-wise), when she was younger. Her younger sister Halle is not here for the disrespect and is letting it be known her sister is an icon regardless. Halle is right to have her sister's back. Knowles is a 70-year-old man who sounds unhinged and threatened that a younger star is getting her shine. He should be uplifting her not putting her down. 

After all, that's Beyoncé's artist and talent recognises talent.



Remmi said...

How awkward must it be that they're in a duo and all the focus is on the one sister.

Toya said...

She's trying to have her own little viral moment with her latest TikTok video but it's just not hitting the same way.

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