The verdict on 'Oprah with Meghan & Harry.'

So I stayed up to watch this highly unprecedented Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah live as it aired in the States. Absolutely shocking, but one of the most compelling interviews... ever. No wonder Buckingham Palace were coming at her HARD last week. They knew this interview would be very damaging. And it sure as hell was! Meghan says she was suicidal five months into her first pregnancy after the torment she faced by the British tabloids and Royal family. She goes on to say Harry saved her life by choosing to leave the Royal family. There had been frantic conversations within the Monarch about how dark Archie's skin tone would be (they won't reveal identities)... it was feared he would come out too brown, hence their refusal to give him a Prince title. Harry said his family cut him off financially which is why he had to live off the inheritance his late mother Princess Diana left him. Their multi-million dollar Netflix and Spotify deals was never their intention, but Harry says he now needs to make money to pay for his family's security (after their previously granted security was removed). 

He admits the relationship with his brother and father has now taken a hit. There was even a moment in which his father stopped taking his calls. On a more positive note, they're having a baby GIRL this time (yay!). Harry says that he has no regrets regarding the way he and Meghan Markle handled leaving the Royal family. As much as I dislike Oprah, she gets her props for asking those hard-hitting questions. And kudos to Harry and Meghan for answering her questions with fierce and brutal honesty.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see the interview but I think Oprah & Barbara Walters just have the credibility that no journalist in media has. I don't really get what's ppl's issue with Oprah, outside Monique's view of her(eventhough that's a whole different discussion!) I'm not really impressed by the wealth of these women, but moreso their status in media. At one point, Oprah had a Monopoly over Daytime TV that was just unmatched, still to this day. In my opinion, that's actually more impressive than her money, the money just came. She had a Daytime Empire, eventhough I wasn't her target audience. I was busy watching 106 & Park, but that was still impressive ������

Toya said...

Haha, at least you're honest.

Ralph said...

Oh you don't like Oprah Toya? Why is that?