Saturday, 6 March 2021

Throwback Beef: Beyoncé & Farrah Franklin.

During a brief conference call in the middle of a video countdown with TRL, Beyoncé said in the year 2000 that the Destiny's Child break with Farrah Franklin was the result of her missing several gigs and promotional appearances. Bey revealed it wasn't a management decision, but a group one. Farrah, who was a member of Destiny's Child for only six months, says Beyoncé lied about the real reason for her departure. While she admits to NOT being kicked out, she says she was already out of the group when the promotional tours that Beyoncé mentioned in her MTV interview took place. She goes on to further say she's "never missed a show… ever!" 

Farrah says she walked out of the group due to being mistreated by Mathew Knowles. Either way, somebody is definitely lying. And in the clips below you could clearly see some of that attitude trying to come out in Beyoncé. The Beyoncé of today is the utmost professional. People try to feud with her, but she never responds.



Anonymous said...

They were exactly 19 years old here.... The ladies are 40 now let it GO!!!. Farrah said to TMZ she definitely wanna join the ladies on stage again.

Remmi said...

@Anomymous - I don't see what the point of that would be, she was with them for 1 out of their 4 albums in which they released just one single with her vocals on. Maybe she should let it go, too.

Elle said...

@ Remmi Farrah's vocals were on a single? I don't even recall Michelle being on a single until the "Survivor" album...are we talking B-sides, remixes or something?

Donpapillon said...

Farrah joining the ladies would be utterly pointless. Beyoncé did not like the girl. She seemed very obnoxious and annoying. She simply was not a good fit for their dynamic, and was not that great of a singer. She just had the look.

Remmi said...

@Elle - I remember reading at the time that they re-recorded the vocals for Say My Name to get around Letoya and Latvia being on it or something like that.

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