Dionne Warwick on Mariah Carey: ❝I Don't Know Her.❞

Dionne Warwick has always been known to be a shady one, and when asked recently if she considered Mariah Carey to be an icon, her exact words were, "I don't know, because I don't know her that well." LOL. 

In deed an interesting choice of words, as she is definitely pulling a Mariah on Mariah, and it's clear Dionne just didn't want to give Mariah her flowers! Of course thee Mariah Carey is the textbook definition of a legend, and an icon. Whatever happended to legends supporting legends or am I missing the memo? 

She was just as nonchalant towards Toni Braxton, but was more complimentary towards Brandy and Mary J. Blige. Check out that portion of the interview with True Exclusives below.


nil said...

I respect Dionne 100% but this was just a bit shady over nothing. But these interviewers also have to stop asking the same old questions. They just do it to cause shit.

Anonymous said...

Was this because of the "rivalry" between Mariah & Whitney? Probably so. Mariah & Whitney were compared alot early in Mariah's career & an interviewer asked Whitney "what do you think of Mariah?" & Whitney said, "I don't think of her!" So I guess that's where this stems from, eventhough, after The Bodyguard Soundtrack era, it was clear that Whitney was UNTOUCHABLE & even Mariah recognized that. So I don't get why Dionne is being petty.

Toya said...

Let's also remember that the respect between them was also mutual.

Anonymous said...

*Mariah carey is definitely an icon.
*Brandy IDK she was definitely that girl from 1994-2001.
*Toni braxton has potential to become an icon, her voice is absolutely amazing & very unique.
*Mary j blige I never was a HUGE fan, however I will say PAVED the way for ALOT of of singers... I'll say she's iconic.

Anonymous said...

That was the reason they sang together, "When You Believed", to prove that they didn't have a rivalry.