Sunday, 2 May 2021

Destiny's Child | 20 years of 'Survivor.'

What can be said for 'Survivor'? 

Beyoncé was going through an epiphany with the 'Survivor' album. It was the first Destiny's Child album as a trio following the drama that occurred the year before with former members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson. 

She wanted to prove something with this album. 

She came guns blazing with fighting lyricism insisting she can still sell without them... as we all know drama sells. We knew it. She knew it. The rest of the world knew it. And 19-year-old Beyoncé became an overnight sensation just... like... THAT. 

When she had that one song 'Dangerously In Love,' a solo song on a group album, we all knew what was coming. Maybe it was a little shady on her behalf. Yet... Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams still had her back. 

Of course this served as a teaser for her very first solo album two years into the future, which under no coincidence, went by the same name. 

And so here we are, 20 years later. 20 years since Destiny’s Child dropped their third studio album 'Survivor.' It spawned a couple of memorable bops such as 'Survivor,' 'Independent Women' and 'Bootylicious.' Now feel free to tell us your favourite songs from this project!



Anonymous said...

I think everyone knew after Survivor came out, the countdown had begun to when Beyonce was gonna go solo. However, also remember, Survivor had the biggest 1st week sales in the History of Columbia Records at the time. In turn, Mathew Knowles got a label deal, Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams got $50 million deals according to Mathew, & this era introduced us to Solange by way of the Proud Family theme song & she got a solo deal after that. But to your point Toya,the Survivor era further cemented Destiny's Child brand(a huge reason they have a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame) but it also turned Beyoncè into a brand right before DIL dropped & the success of Survivor led to her role in Austin Powers Goldmember. They were everywhere during this era but it definitely paid off & worked in their favor & in a way, made them the Rock stars of our generation, where if they reunite, they'd probably sell out Stadiums & do numbers like The Rolling Stones!

My favorite song from the album was Emotion & lowkey one of the best covers of the past 25 years, along with Lady Marmalade!

Anonymous said...

When I think of destiny's child, I think of Beyonce,Kelly & Michelle>>> NOT the other members! No SHADE.

Toya said...

I remember when the album dropped and I didn't really like it because it was too pop. I felt like they were pushing their R&B roots to the side to appeal to the mainstream masses. It was a gamble but it worked. I guess the reason why she got super popular too wasn't just good marketing. She knew how to draw in the type of audience that would get her to where she needed to be once she was ready to kickstart her solo career.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Toya, I could understand that, but I think The Writings On The Wall was already championed as an R&B Classic album in the early 2000s at the height of Say My Name, I think it already solidified them in the genre. Survivor came at the right time, the album & endorsements made them alot of money & the production of the actual album saved them alot money because they didn't go "The Neptunes/Timbaland" route at the time, when they were charging $100k per track when they were the hottest go-to producers. They made a successful Pop album during Timbaland/Neptunes era, & a huge Classic R&B album with TWOTW during the Max Martin bubblegum Pop era(Britney/N'Sync/Backstreet Boys), so looking back, they really played it smart!

Plus, Survivor seems to be their 1st album to have a marketing budget lol, because I damn sure don't recall TWOTW having great marketing & production, they just did alot of touring as opening acts as the singles got bigger.

Anonymous said...

*promotion not production

Anonymous said...

When beyonce said you thought I wouldn't sell without you, sold 9 millions, Then Kelly clapped back & said I'm not gone diss you on the internet & the radio because my Mama taught me better than that... It's a reason why that song was number 1 on the WORLD chart...

SuxMyCockiness said...

I was done with Destiny’s Child when this album came out. TWOTW is one of my favorite albums of all time, and like someone mentioned before Survivor was just too pop for me. I was rooting hard for Kelly though. I wish she dropped Matthew as a manager back then, because she definitely wasn’t a priority 😒

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