Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Beyoncé fans boycott Trick Daddy's restaurant...

Following his diss towards Beyoncé, restaurant owner and ‘rapper’ Trick Daddy has now encountered her fanbase lowering his Google restaurant rating from a 4.6 to a 2.2 in a space of three hours. Before the diss, the last review was written a week ago. 

But since the audio of his diss surfaced online, fans have inundated his ratings with bad reviews. 
Multiple reviews (decorated with bee emojis) are now citing belly rumbling mice, dancing roaches, severe rat infestation, half cooked food, explosive diarrhea and rude staff as reasons not to inhabit the eatery. As of writing, the site shows fans leaving negative reviews every second of the hour aiming to lower it to 1 star. Due to spike in traffic, I'm sure those troll reviews will get flagged, and sure, this won't hurt his business. But hey... let BeyHive have their moment. Red Lobster with some Lemonade anyone?


Consciousness Community said...

Seriously I don’t get where the hell this came from aside from sheer jealousy that his net worth is like 0.000000001% of either Bey or Jay. 1) she can sing and that don’t need a response. 2) If she wrote her music or not, she’s involved in the songs’ outcome. Shrewd businesswoman and artistic talent is what she is and this shade just looks as bad as Trick Daddy has been looking for a minute or two or a million…

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