Meghan Markle scrutinised for registering Lilibet domains early...

The UK tabloids are making such a big deal about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle registering domain names for baby Lilibet a few days before she was born, as if they had undermined the Queen or something. Of course the Sussexes would not have used the Queen's childhood nickname for their baby daughter if she didn't approve. 

Out of respect, they made sure to ask permission out of courtesy.
Their reasoning for registering domain names before asking the Queen permission to use Lilibet was down to them rightfully knowing the Queen would not have had an issue with them using it. More than likely the Queen was always going to see it as a beautiful honour that a second grand daughter was being named after her. And then of course they had to address the issue of people potentially trying to profit and exploit the child's name, or haters (and they have so many) acting in spite. Of course they had to act fast to prevent that happening. A complete non-story that should never have been a story to begin with.