Leona Lewis thanks Michael Costello for "apology."

Leona Lewis and Michael Costello are burying the hatchet and she's accepted his "apology". This was prior to Leona saying she was left “embarrassed and deeply hurt” when he backed out of an agreement to dress her for the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection show in 2014. An incident due to what she believed was because her figure was too curvy. 

Costello says such unfortunate circumstances was due to time constraints rather than refusal to work with her. He told Page Six Style he “was very excited” to be asked by her rep to dress her for the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection show, which was scheduled to take place just one day before his own fashion show on Feb 7th, 2014. He claims if he was granted more time in advance, his team could have made something custom for her without a doubt. At this point, do we really care?

(left: Leona pictured at the event in 2014)

Costello's previous response:


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The B List said...

Two has-beens going through the same journey.
Miss her voice though and always anticipating new music from her.

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