Keri Hilson on wanting a Black soulmate: ❝I said what I said.❞

Keri Hilson isn't a swirler. However, it appears her comments caused offense when she claimed on social media that she wanted her soulmate to be a black man or a man of color. If you read the comments under her posts, many people were like, "that's why your ass is single," "love has no color." Everyone has options but truth is... everyone also has their preferences. Keri isn't backing down from hers. 

The tweets that originally triggered the upset:


Jrocka said...

That’s her preference I see nothing wrong with what she said! Ugh I really have these superficial “deep” trolls who make harmless shit more than what it is 🤦🏾‍♂️

Remmi said...

To be fair to her, she isn't ruling out non black men. I just think your soul mate will be your soul mate, and if you're focusing on expectations regarding their skin colour, they could be walking past you every day and you'll never know.