Thursday, 17 June 2021

Pam says she "prayed the gay away." #BETPresentsTheEncore

Everybody loved Pam in Episode 1 of BET Presents The Encore. The former Total singer was looked at as the mother figure. She was kind, considerate and remained neutral amid all the fiery disputes that went on in the house. She was someone you would call, the voice of reason. That angelic appearance was torn to shreds in Episode 2 last night after she revealed a new side of herself, leaving viewers reeling. 

Her flawless public facade had masked a gut-wrenching, underlying feeling of resentment. It started after Danity Kane singer Aubrey O' Day affectionately caressed Pam's knee. Pam felt the need to rebuke that gay energy with a homophobic, gospel rant because SHE felt something and was suppressing her urges. Aubrey triggered something that awakened the bull dagger in Pam. In the episode, Pam confessed that she was a former lesbian now reformed after finding God. Women are generally known to be more nurturing and affectionate and she overreacted to an innocent behaviour. 

Understandably, bisexual Kiely Williams of 3LW fame was upset and had to call out Pam on her homophobic ideations. “I’m not homophobic, she said, I just believe the Bible said man shall not lay with man.”  If you're no longer into women just say that. Quoting the bible and claiming it's a sin? Worst delivery ever. It just makes her come across as hateful to LGBT people, and she was definitely projecting. On a more positive note, happy Pride month!


Joe Cola said...

Pam is unhinged 😂😂😂

Remmi said...

This is a little disappointing, given Total are my favorite RnB girl group of all time. Not gonna knock Pam for her religious beliefs or get into the rights and wrongs of things, I'll just say that the bible is full of contradictions, and was written when man's understanding of the universe was not what it is today. If you're going to be a homophobe, at least be sensible enough to be private about it cos that ish will no longer fly in 2021.

Toya said...

Unhinged and still struggling...

@ Remmi, I thought it was really weird because Aubrey wasn't hitting on her at all! You should watch the show, lol.

Remmi said...

@Toya - I might do just to see her reaction haha

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