Friday, 11 June 2021

Sevyn ft. Chris Brown & A$AP Ferg | 'Guilty' | Video Premiere

Ms. Sevyn Streeter was serving straight Aaliyah vibes in the new visuals for her latest bop, 'Guilty.' Chris Brown's absence worked in her favour. Not because a dance-off between them wouldn't have been fire (it would have been.) But because this beauty already let him overshadow her career enough as it is when she first debuted. The video was centred around just her, and this was all that was needed. 



Remmi said...

I disagree - the song tells a story from both their perspectives; if she was going to leave him out of the video, she should have just sang his his parts too. It just made the video seem off hearing him and Rocky but not seeing them. Still love the song though, my favorite of 2021 so far.

Remmi said...

*Ferg not Rocky

Toya said...

Her musical consistency is greatly appreciated.

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