Beyoncé’s mom responds to backlash over Beyoncé wearing Tiffany diamond in campaign...

This week, Beyoncé faced serious backlash on social media for not only posing in front of a piece from the private Jean Michel Basquiat collection but for also promoting a blood diamond with a long colonial history. She became the first ever black woman to wear the famed Tiffany diamond as part of an ad campaign. 

People think she's a hypocrite since her 'Black Is King' album was supposed to be a “love letter to Africa.” As a result of the backlash, Beyoncé's mom went ham on her critics. I'm more surprised at folks acting brand new to be honest. When serious money is to be made all values go completely out of the window!!!! This is not new for Jay Z since this has HIM written all over it. He was once called a sell-out for going into business with "racist" NFL owners, following their treatment of Colin Kaepernick. “Why would I sell out? I’m already rich” was his response despite a lot of rich people being infatuated with becoming richer. 

Personally, I think Bey also gets a lot of flack for things many celebrities go unchecked for simply because she's Beyoncé and her name holds serious clout. No one would care as much if Michelle Williams had worn it. I know I know. The opportunity would never have been extended to her, but still. As a result of being that powerful Beyoncé will always be the scapegoat. Is it fair. Not at all. But what can she do? Having influence and power isn't always unconditional. 


Remmi said...

Her post is just about readable lol. If you’re gonna put across an argument, in the very least you wanna be sure your grammar is checks out or the point kind of gets lost. I get what she’s saying though and fair play to her for protecting and defending her daughter,