Britney Spears lawyer ramps up efforts to get her dad removed | When will it end?

Britney Spears' attorney, Mathew Rosengart has brought in his law partner Kyle Freeny as their investigation into her father's financial dealings hots up. Freeny is a Harvard Law grad and expert in money laundering and financial investigations. They are currently fighting to remove Jamie Spears from the conservatorship as a first step. Spears said earlier this month that he's only "willing to step down" as conservator "when the time is right." Meaning; when he's ready to croak it and there's no more fight in him left.
Every time I read "new developments" in this case, I query if we will ever get a resolution. Every time they push harder, something always happens where they are relegated to a hundred steps back. Personally, I have a strong (and horrible) feeling that the court will rule in her father's favour yet again... like many times before. If they get a major win, I will give Rosengart his props, otherwise, I will just start to assume he only took on this case to raise his profile, like that Chris Brown lawyer. We NEED to start seeing real results and we need to start seeing them now. Britney's next court hearing is on September 29th.