Twenty years today since we lost Baby Girl Aaliyah...

I remember exactly where I was when it was first announced that Aaliyah had passed away. I was in my teens at the time doing a shift at a hotel, and didn't actually find out until I got home and switched on the computer. When I was at school, she was the one person I looked up to. She made being a young black girl dressing like a tomboy really cool. Her passing was the very FIRST celebrity death to really impact me.
Honestly, 20 years ago feels almost like yesterday. It's crazy to think the world has changed so much since then. Social media didn't exist. Streaming albums didn't exist. It was a whole new world back then. Aaliyah was extremely private so sometimes I wonder would she have been on social media, or would she have stayed away and maintained that air of mystery that surrounded her. It probably explains why the VMAs and other massive celebrity events are no longer super popular any more.  Social media has made celebs become so much more accessible now and the mystery that once made them exciting and sacred has now become lost. Aaliyah will always be missed, and she truly was "one in a million." 



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Shawn_Haughton said...

RIP Baby Girl

Anonymous said...

When I heard that Aaliyah died, I was watching 106 and Park, and I bawled! I was baffled and thought they made a mistake, but they were right. I was in Junior High at the time and remembered feeling like I lost a friend.

Many have tried, but she had effortless charisma, a sweet voice, and music that you could play and reflect.

Yes, Toya, she was, in fact, One in a Million. Rip Aaliyah



Remmi said...

I think it was a Sunday morning and I heard it on the radio as I woke up. I always wonder what she would look like now, how many albums she’d have, what would her sound have evolved to, movies roles she’d have had, children etc. RIP Aaliyah!

Anonymous said...

I remember when it came on MTV News! The 1st celebrity death that I truly felt the impact of because I was too young to really understand Biggie & 2pac's death but I knew they had issues with each other. Aaliyah's was unprovoked & could've been avoided! I really believe that if someone on her team would've called the film division of the company Virgin was under, they would've sent a private jet for her with all perks & she would've been on set for Queen Of The Dammed or The Matrix sequal & she would still be with us today!

RIP Aaliyah!

Toya said...

We will never know. Too much conflicting stories about that ill-fated day.

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