Jesy Nelson allegedly signs U.S. deal with Republic & snags Nicki Minaj for new single...

A few days ago, Nicki Minaj followed Jesy Nelson on Instagram. After following no one, Jesy returned the follow today and the only person she is now following is Nicki. This latest development occurred AFTER insiders claimed the rapper will feature on the singer’s solo debut single, which is allegedly titled 'Boys.' Jesy’s debut single is expected to be released in September. Furthermore, Republic Records has recently followed Jesy on Instagram sparking speculation that they are now Jesy’s American label. 

Insiders claim Jesy was in LA last week where she had meetings with Republic for a new record deal and to shoot the music video with Nicki. The label is also home to Nicki, Ariana Grande, Drake, The Weeknd and more. This week, she released a promo video teasing that her debut solo single is “coming sooner than you think.” 

Jesy previously worked with Nicki when she was with girl group Little Mix on their hit song, 'Woman Like Me.'  Sounds like her launch will be taken straight from Little Mix playbook. I mean, she's hiring their producers, choreographers and past collaborators. It's like spitting in their faces. I bet her music is going to sound EXACTLY like a Little Mix record. Either way, I'm definitely curious to hear what she's got cooked up. 


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Anonymous said...

@Toya do you think she'll release an SOLO album before Normani???

Toya said...

I think we both already know the answer to that. 🙈

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