Michelle Williams wants people to forget THAT stage fall on 106 & Park; not happening!

During a recent interview on 'Larry Reid Live,' Michelle Williams addresses the time she infamously fell during a Destiny's Child performance on BET’s '106 & Park.' Michelle wasn't happy that Reid brought up the clip of her 2005 tumble which still gives her anxiety to this day. She says she needs people to stop saying she's clumsy because she only ever fell one time. 

Williams tells Reid, “Do you know how many people [have done the same]? Robbie Williams has fallen, Usher has fallen, Madonna has fallen, Beyoncé has fallen, Kelly passed out. Why do y’all single me out?” I think people single her out because the fall was simply epic. It was the loudness of the mic hitting the floor to almost taking Kelly down with her. Kelly momentarily paused looking slightly annoyed. And then you had Beyoncé who nonchalently saw it but acted like she didn't see jack. I screamed when it happened. The contrast in Kelly's reaction compared to Beyoncé's was so noticeable. Sorry Michelle, but this clip will forever be immortalized as one of the most epic falls in pop history. 


nil said...

i actually never thought the fall was funny, it was so sad, especially the way beyonce reacted was just awful. But I actually think would that have happened now Beyonce would actually stop and pick her up.

Remmi said...

I didn't see anything funny about any of it either. Didn't even know about it until a few days ago.

Jrocka said...

Well she recovered well and slayed the performance! The show has to go on…why would they stop? It’s showbiz lol