Normani’s performance on Jimmy Fallon mysteriously cancelled... AGAIN!

Not again! What the hell is going on?! For the SECOND time, Normani's upcoming performance for the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has been cancelled. The performance, which was scheduled to take place this Thursday, was previously suppose to happen on July 20th leaving fans baffled after it was binned. Then there was the farce of her single 'Wild Side' getting taken down from streaming platforms for a solid few days days recently. 

 Here's the tweet where she talks about cancellation of her performance the FIRST time:
It's easy to cite label sabotage, but clearly there is something more sinister going on behind the scenes in regards to the messiest rollout of all time. Normani is not on RCA. She's on a subsidiary label under RCA called Keep Cool. Seems like that very label is now currently going through a transitional period. The founder of Keep Cool is reportedly stepping down to become the next CEO of Def Jam Records.
WTF. Dude is literally leaving in the middle of her lead single rollout. Mess! Keep in mind... Keep Cool is still a fairly NEW label with only four artists (Normani being one). Of course their budget will be strictly limited. A lack of funds is why they can't promote her properly. RCA are only distributers for the music. With a shoe-string budget, Normani didn't want her 'Wild Side' video to look like cheap tack. She decided to use her own money to fund it. Sadly, the label have done essentially nothing to promote it. If the founder of her label is leaving for Def Jam, why not bring Normani along with him and sign her? 

Other than a few radio interviews, the song has not been promoted at all. Not one single performance. Independent artist Tinashe is on her third music video and managed to get a performance slot on GMA. Cardi B, the collaborator, has completely washed her hands off the song (says she's done promoting it), and has now moved on to Lizzo. The song is on course to bow out of the top 50 on the Billboard Hot 100. So it seems they've given up on the song, all because it wasn't an instant hit. Savage act of misconduct on her label's behalf if ever I've seen it. 


The B List said...

I'm sad and feel bad for her. You are right, why not bring her over to Def Jam? Or even better, wait until all the behind the scenes mess is taken care of first, before releasing her single in a volatile time?

Why can't Normani just go the Tinashe independent route?
She already fronted money for her video, which could have easily been broken up into three different videos for her next single releases. There were too many looks going on for one song.

Normani WAKE UP and STOP PLAYING DRESS UP, put on your POWER SUIT and be a real boss like your influences Beyonce and Rihanna!