Should indie artists get a shot at the VMAs? And why are they so ignored?

I didn’t realise indie artists didn’t get invited to perform at major award shows, until I saw this one particular tweet from indie artist Dawn Richard. Indie artists like Dawn, Mya and Tinashe would literally set the stage ablaze. These days major award shows like the VMAs just aren't worth watching unless Beyoncé is on the bill. 

Secondly, no other artist is creating that same buzz Britney Spears did when she was in her prime. A lot of indie artists have what it takes to serve up just as much (if not more) entertainment value than an artist signed to a major record label. The sad reality is that none of these indie artists would ever be invited to perform at the Super Bowl. Some people are probably like, "Well, that's what comes with being independent innit?" but an indie artist can prove themselves just as equally as a major label artist. 

Of course the sales are going to be lower, but under no circumstances can the artist be blamed for such a mishap when they're the ones that have to spend their own money funding promotion, music videos and airplay. The day of Grammy nominations is always a trippy road. For about 24 hours, major artists that didn't get recognition for their talents get to feel EXACTLY what most independent artists feel like 365 days a year. It's become bothersome seeing major label artists having hissy fits on Twitter for being "snubbed" by the Grammys. Yes Abel, we're pointing the finger at you! 

Any artist that can afford a $70 million home, and have millions of fans supporting them should not be chucking all their dolls out of the pram and being publicly mad about a rigging-paid panellist not giving them a trophy. Of course it would be nice if the music industry would take time to recognize independent artistry as well during award shows and as a whole - in general. Independent artists work just as hard and often get overlooked. So I'll end this with three words. Support indie talent!