Aaliyah’s uncle drops new promo video for the digital release of ❝One In A Million.❞

Did Aaliyah's uncle Barry Hankerson really just produce a short film/extended commercial about the digital release of her 'One In A Million' album? It was basically a lengthy narration on why his ass sat on her music for so long. Not only that, he releases it at a time when he's relaunching his Blackground 2.0 label. In doing so, he made the entire thing about himself and to promote his new artist. How convenient!

Whatever money this narcissist spent producing whatever it is I just watched will only be recouped back from those Aaliyah streams. The album has stormed straight to #1 on US iTunes, so he's benefiting. While his nephew has been on a blocking spree against fans supporting the release, the uncle is out here riding her coattails. He's pretty much rubbing it in his own family's face, as if to say, "yeah I did this. Sue me." Something tells me more mess is about to be spilled in the coming days.