Beyoncé’s ❝Be Alive❞ tipped for Oscar’s ❝Best Original Song❞ nomination...

Is Beyoncé edging closer to receiving her very first Oscar? Despite her song 'Be Alive' not being heard on a mass scale, several film critics of the Oscar betting site Next Best Picture believe that Beyoncé has the best Original Song in the race for the statuette. All of which, 9/10 of bets were placed on her song 'Be Alive' for the movie 'King Richard.' 

It is also listed by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the frontrunners in the Oscar's 'Best Original Song' category. Granted, she would need to be successfully nominated of course in order to stand a chance at winning, a tall order since Oscars have not been very forthcoming in previous years. And yes, it's insane that we haven’t heard a snippet of the song, which was written and co-produced by Beyoncé and Dixson. The track will be out on November 12th.