Sudden change of heart? Rihanna on performing at the Super Bowl: ❝We’ll see...❞

In previous years, Rihanna has always shot down any possibility of headlining the Super Bowl. She has never agreed with how the NFL treated Colin Kaepernick during the kneeling row, even stating that she didn't want to be a sell-out to her own people (Jay-Z was dragged for signing on with the NFL). Now it appears she could very well be open to it if her mentor Jay-Z asks since he has taken over their entertainment division. She was asked about it during a press junket for her 'Savage x Fenty Vol. 3' event. 

"We'll see, you never know. I mean the Super Bowl? Who isn't into it?" she replied. She would definitely be criticised if she did it following her previous remarks below. But her fans wouldn't care because seeing Rihanna perform her new music and older hits on a global platform would be a dream. The row has died down, no one is boycotting the Super Bowl now, and a celeb is only going to go where the wind blows.