Jesy Nelson officially announces ❝Boyz❞ featuring Nicki Minaj...

When fans ask where is the single, Jesy Nelson listens. At least partially anyway. For she has just officially announced her debut single ‘Boyz’ with Nicki Minaj as the feature. She posted a rehearsal video to drum up further hype after it kind of died down a few weeks ago. 

Perhaps Jesy felt Minaj had been uncancelled after she recieved some serious backlash for saying the Covid-19 vaccine causes swollen testicles. Minaj made her first live performance debut since giving birth to her son over the weekend and now the backlash has seemed to be forgotten about. So assuming this was a good time to officially announce. Still no announcement of a release date though so this little teaser seems a little baseless.


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RL said...

Hated her time in Little Mix, but her debut single is with someone LM always wanted to work with.

Nicki Minaj is huge feature, but a bad BAD look at the moment, from ball gate to Jennifer Hough... not something she should want her big debut tied to IMO.

Remmi said...

Didn't we already know this weeks ago?

Jrocka said...

Lol I’m saying we know this just drop the song 😑

ShawnHaughton said...

This girl looks like a goblin or a troll 🙈🙈 we gotta do better about who we make pop stars

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