Kelis announces brand new single, ❝Midnight Snacks.❞

Kelis is back to recording new music again and her fans are very happy about this news. Those hungry for Kelis and her savoury appetizers need not wait long. For she just announced her new single 'Midnight Snacks' on Instagram Live. In deed, the food craze from music's renowned chef continues. 'Food' part two?

As reported, Kelis is gearing up to release the song on October 8th, and she's very excited about it. Though everything else is pretty much top secret in regards to the direction and genre of the song, the launch of a new era is certainly coming. The day can't come soon enough. Roll on October. 


Remmi said...

What's with the constant food references lol (Tasty, Food, Midnight Snacks)? I know she's a professional chef now but I miss I Hate You So Much Right Now Kelis

Toya said...

Don't forget 'Milkshake' and 'Jerk Ribs'... lol.

Jrocka said...

Lol I can’t with Kelis and these titles…I’m sure it’s gonna slay she’s always been consistent and Food was a great album imo