Mary J. Blige announces November release for new album...

Queen of Hip-Hop Soul is ready to drop some new music! 
Mary J. Blige announces 14th studio album.

During an Instagram Live with rapper D-Nice yesterday, Mary J. Blige confirms her new album will release in November and this will be preceded by a lead single next month (October). The delayed record, which was originally due in 2020, will mark her first studio effort since 2017’s ‘Strength of a Woman.’ 

The album release will also coincide with her concert at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, with D-Nice serving as the special guest on November 20th. Mary dances like she's malfunctioning and though it is actually funny to watch, she does not come with enough spectacle for those insane ticket pricesWe're aware many artists lost out on touring during the pandemic and saw their earning potential hit a wall, but ripping off the fans is simply NOT it.


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Remmi said...

Yeah, that's almost the same amount I paid to see Beyonce in concert, and that was about 10 years ago, a d you knew you were guaranteed theatrics, art, stage presence from B and Le Twin and audience interaction. All you'll get from Mary aside from great songs is shouting and her stomping from left to right in thigh high black boots or standing on the spot like a Granny having a seizure. Do love her though and she rarely disappoints with her albums.

Toya said...

Me too. I paid ridiculous prices for Beyoncé in 2013 and it was worth it because she gives you EVERYTHING. Mary on the other hand... :/

Dayvid said...

I would only those prices for Beyoncé, Janet and maybe Xtina if she didn’t have the same ole’ stale set list.

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