Normani’s choreographer says her VMAs performance was ❝traumatic.❞

Normani’s choreographer Sean Bankhead reveals in an Instagram post that the preparation for her 2021 VMAs performance was “traumatic as f*ck.” The “enemy was truly trying to attack Normani,” he says. They really did only have one week to rehearse, and everything that could’ve went wrong DID. Normani also revealed on Twitter that she’d been crying the whole day leading up to her performance. It also explains why she had quite a face on her that day, which didn't go without notice. Chick was CLEARLY pissed. 

This may sound cold, but hearing about this girls constant drama is becoming exhausting. Her constant need to keep jumping on social media and speaking so openly about things is never the best way to help her situation (she had issues with her VMAs performance in 2019 as well). People are just going to see her as playing the victim again and again. The "I'm being sabotaged" card can only stand up for so long. Performances go wrong all the time. Beyoncé fell head first down a flight of stairs during a performance and even had her weave stuck in a fan but she has never jumped on social media to complain about it. You go away and learn from that experience to do even better the next time. Besides, no one would have known there were issues with the performance if she didn't spotlight it. She delivered a top tier showing.