Rihanna on upcoming new album: ❝I want to take my time.❞

If Rihanna hadn't pushed back her music career to make her uberly successful cosmetics make-up empire Fenty Beauty a number one priority, she would not be the billionaire she is today. Obviously, anyone would be a fool not to pursue a venture that brings in the real dough. However, Rihanna is still trying to convince us that music is her soul and she wants to take more time with it. 

How much more time does she need? Another five years? Half a decade has gone already and she's been talking about this new album for the past three years now. She's making moves to dominate the hair industry (wigs, hair extensions, hair care products), so I'm assuming once that takes off... At this point, this chick is just trolling. 


Remmi said...

I don't really understand the thirst for new Rihanna music tbh - aside from "We Found Love", I wouldn't regard any of her songs or albums as timeless; she's hot whilst she's out and until the next best thing comes along. I haven't revisited any of her songs or albums in years. I'd understand the demand if her music was on par with Sade or Prince or Fleetwood Mac, but it's no less generic than the next artist's imo. I admire her artistry, but I'm happy to wait for her to deliver something that'll still sound unique when played 10 or 20 years down the line.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Remmi! The industry is flooded with fast food tik tok music that people obviously create and release over night . The fact that she is actually taking time out to experiment and curate her 9th project says a lot about how she views her art.

Toya said...

But she's practically experimented with almost every genre. What is left for her to do? Secular music? 🙈