Rihanna performs to ❝What’s It Gonna Be?❞ by Janet Jackson & Busta Rhymes...

Teasing a stage return, Rihanna seductively danced to 'What’s It Gonna Be' by Janet Jackson and Busta Rhymes during her recent 'Savage x Fenty show Vol. 3.' Here is a black pop girl who isn't a seasoned dancer and doesn't have powerhouse vocals, but yet can still sell us on the sex appeal and aesthetic, simply because that's what Rihanna does. Without even trying. 

Though the corset was clearly restricting some movement, she did her little thing and kept it moving. When probed on why she does her little stage routines, she replied, "It's my way of being a part of my show. Maybe I won't do it every single time, but so far I like to be in there a little bit." Rihanna was sure serving that Busta Rhymes red light district type spectacle. Indeed, the legendary rapper was certainly getting his flowers during the show. The full performance can be watched below.