Adele’s ❝Easy On Me❞ set to top UK & US while Jesy Nelson’s ❝Boyz❞ is on its way to flop town...

The UK chart's first look just came out and it is good news for Adele, 
but bad news for Jesy Nelson. 
Jesy's single Boyz  is predicted to drop a staggering FIFTEEN spots from 
#4 to #19 on the next chart update in two days time. 
The song has even struggled to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 despite the Nicki Minaj feature and Diddy video cameo. Instead, it debuts at #13 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, which is seen as the flop tally for a debut. Meanwhile, Adele's new single, as expected, is thriving! Her song debuted at #68 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 from just five hours of availability! It is expected to top the Hot 100 next week. The world has completely and officially forgotten about Jesy Nelson and her antics. 

Adele season has arrived!


RL said...

Jesy falling short on the charts is slightly amusing. Hitting number 1 on ITunes is nice, but it means nothing if you slide down a few hours later. For your debut solo single from leaving such a big group, I'm shocked there was no live performance, just live IG mess. Jesy's moment has come and gone... Adele is here to provide us with somber music just in time for seasonal depression.

Remmi said...

It's just sounds outdated, because the beat and chorus sounds so similar to the original. It sounds more like a remix or female alternative version as opposed to a whole new track. It's not like Bad Boys For Life was a raging UK hit, so I don't get why her team thought it would work.

Toya said...

She could have released a contemporary R&B song with some pop elements. And now she might have to go back to doing the very music that she spent weeks shitting on. This dated 90s R&B schtick is not working and the UK market isn't buying it. The only reason why she charted high was down to hype, and that hype has now burned out.